Absinthe Holy Shit

0,5 l - 55% vol.

Absinthe Holy Shit is produced in Germany by the distillery Deheck. This distillery comes from Rheinhessen from the town of Gau-Odernheim. In addition to liqueurs and other spirits, the Absinthe Holy Shit is also produced here. With 55% alcohol by volume, this absinthe comes across as relatively gentle. Other products here have alcohol contents of up to 89.9%. But when it comes to taste, that's not what matters. When you pour this absinthe into the glass, you see a very slight greenish tint. If you dilute the Absinthe Holy Shit with ice-cold water in a ratio of 1:3 - 1:4, you can see a medium cloudiness. A sugar cube is actually not necessary in the preparation, because the ingredients were cleanly distilled, so that here no bitterness due to absinthin can be tasted. Ultimately, then, after preparation, the color here is only a very very light green, but it appears rather whitish. Absinthe typical here the trinity of wormwood, anise and fennel, but allegedly also other herbs are used. Flavor-wise, a slight fennel-heaviness can be detected and the wormwood tends to fade into the background. It is an absinthe without great rough edges, which is pleasant to drink and is thus suitable as an everyday absinthe. The Holy Shit Absinthe comes in a dark colored apothecary bottle and is sealed with a wooden cork. It's worth a try, even if the taste doesn't seem as interesting as other absinthes, which often have a higher herbal complexity.

EU Food Information Regulation 1169/2011
Description of the spirit drink: Spirit
Alcohol content by volume: 55
Net quantity in litres: 0,5
Name and address of the manufacturer / importer: Distillery Deheck e.K., Mainzer Str. 25, 55239 Gau-Odernheim, Germany
Country of origin: Germany
Contains dyes: None

Product ID: 1786

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