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There's a problem right now with the coronavirus. Therefore DHL/Deutsche Post does not deliver all countries or postal code areas of individual countries anymore. Before you order from us, you should therefore first check on DHL's Coronavirus information page whether your region is affected - or not. We link to this information page here so that you can check this daily actual.

Are there any restrictions to international mail and parcel services?

Shipping information Shipping Info

Here you will find information about the possible delivery countries, delivery states, shipping costs and package delivery times for all our shipping options at


All our sent packages are traceable online. This means that one day before the parcels leave our warehouse you will receive a tracking link with which you can track your shipment online. If you do not receive this email shortly after you have received the invoice with delivery date, you should check that this tracking email has not landed in your spam filter. Sometimes it is unfortunately the case that these tracking emails are identified as spam, although of course they are not. Due to the fact that you receive the tracking link before delivery, it can take up to 2 days for you to see progress in the tracking system.

if you are not at home on delivery

If you are not at home when your parcel is delivered, you will receive a DHL notification card in your mailbox. On this notification card you can see where you can pick up the parcel or how you can arrange for it to be delivered again. But please do not wait too long so that the parcel is not returned to us.

Fair by weight

Our shipping costs are calculated fairly by weight.

delivery date

The delivery date printed on our delivery note and on the invoice indicates the date on which the goods are collected from our warehouse.

Information on delivery times

In the following list you will find the delivery times for shipping to Germany and to other countries. The delivery time, which is indicated with the respective article, refers exclusively to Germany as delivery country.

Information on Calculating the Delivery Date

In the case of payment in advance, the period for delivery shall commence on the day following the issue of the payment order to the transferring bank or, in the case of other payment methods, on the day following the conclusion of the contract and shall end on expiry of the last day of the period. If the last day of the period falls on a Sunday or a public holiday recognised by the state at the place of delivery, the next working day shall take the place of such a day.

Universal Postal Convention

The Universal Postal Union - UPU Convention does not allow spirits containing more than 70% vol. alc. shipped overseas by parcels (DHL Premium) to the USA, Japan, Canada, ... . Last time we received back many parcels cause of that fact and now we have to live by it. So if You order from overseas please take care of that fact. We offer now also cause of that fact a new shipping method: Discount Shipping max. 2Kg, which allows spirits containing more than 70% vol. alc. . This is e.g. 1 standard bottle + 1 spoon. But spirits/gift sets containing more than 70% vol. alc. and simultaneously heavier than 2 Kg cannot be shipped overseas. So it is not possible to order e.g.: 10 spirits containing not more than 70% vol. alc. and the eleventh spirit containing more than 70% vol. alc. Then You have to order the 10 bottles in 1 order and the spirit exceeding the 70% vol. alc. in a separate order.

Discount Shipping Worldwide Max. 2Kg

Shipping via DHL airmail (fast), delivery time 5-12 working days

0-2 Kg: 26.95 EUR (e.g. 1 Standard bottle +spoon or very small glass or miniature bottle)

USA except ZIP Codes 3.... (Florida, Georgia...)

Shipping via DHL Premium (fast), delivery time 5-12 working days

0-5 Kg: 55.99 EUR (e.g.: 3 Standard bottles)
5-25 Kg: 78.99 EUR
25-30 Kg: 158,00 EUR

USA ZIP Codes 3.... (Florida, Georgia...)

Shipping via DHL airmail (fast), delivery time 5-12 working days

0-2 Kg: 36.00 EUR
2-4 Kg: 51.99 EUR
4-6 Kg: 78.99 EUR
6-8 Kg: 103.99 EUR
8-10 Kg: 129.99 EUR

Worldwide 1

Shipping via DHL Premium (fast)

Egypt (4 wt), Argentina (5-7 wt), Australia (7-9 wt), Brazil (6-8 wt), Chile (6-8 wt), China (6 wt), Hong Kong (10 wt), India (8-10 wt), Indonesia (6-8 wt), Iceland (4 wt), Israel (6-10 wt), Japan (6 wt), Colombia (8-10 wt), Korea (10-15 wt), Malaysia (6-8 wt), Mexico (6-8 wt), New Zealand (8 wt), Pakistan (7-10 wt), Peru (7-10 wt), Philippines (8-10 wt), Quatar (6-8 wt), Saudi Arabia (6-9 wt), Singapore (6 wt), South Africa (6-8 wt), Thailand (6-8 wt), Tunisia (6-8 wt), Turkey (3-9 wt), United Arab Emirates (6-8 wt), Venezuela (8-10 wt), United Arab Emirates (6-8 wt), Saudi Arabia (6-9 wt)
Legend: e.g: Egypt (4 wt) means: Delivery country Egypt has a delivery time of 4 working days.

0-5 Kg: 58.99 EUR
5-8 Kg: 74.99 EUR
8-11 Kg: 94.99 EUR
11-17 Kg: 103.99 EUR
17-25 Kg: 107.99 EUR

Worldwide 2

Shipping via DHL Premium (fast)

Bahamas (6-10 wt), Barbados (6-10 wt), Bolivia (6-10 wt), Brunei Darussalam (6-8 wt), Costa Rica (6-8 wt), Dominican Republic (8-10 wt), Ecuador (8-10 wt), El Salvador (8-10 wt), Fiji Islands (10-12 wt), French Polynesia (10-12wt), Guatemala (8-10 wt), Jamaica (8-10 wt), Kenya (8-10 wt), Cuba (6-10 wt), Maldives (8-10 wt), Mali (8-10 wt), Paraguay (8 wt), Seychelles (6-9 wt), Sri Lanka (6-8 wt), Togo (7-10 wt), Uganda (7-10 wt), Uruguay (7-10 wt), Vietnam (8-10 wt), Maldives (8-10 wt), Uruguay (7-10 wt), Vietnam (8-10 wt)
Legend: e.g: Bahamas (6-10 wt) means: delivery country Bahamas has a delivery time of 6-10 working days

0-5 Kg: 46.00 EUR
5-8 Kg: 57.00 EUR
8-11 Kg: 68.00 EUR
11-17 Kg: 79.00 EUR
17-25 Kg: 117.50 EUR

Europe 1

Shipping via DHL Premium (fast)

Belgium (2-3 wt), Denmark (2-3 wt), Luxembourg (2-3 wt), Netherlands (2-3 wt)
Legend: e.g: Belgium (2-3 wt) means: delivery country Belgium has a delivery time of 2-3 working days

0-2 Kg: 7.49 EUR
2-4 Kg: 9.49 EUR
4-6 Kg: 11.49 EUR
6-9 Kg: 14.49 EUR
9-30 Kg: 19.49 EUR

Europe 2

Shipping via DHL Premium (fast)

Andorra (3-5 wt), Bulgaria (5-7 wt), Estonia (4-6 wt), Faeroe Islands (5-7 wt), Finland (4 wt), France (3 wt), Greece (4-5 wt), Greenland DK (5-30 wt), Great Britain (2-4 wt), Ireland (3-4 wt), Italy (3 wt), Croatia (5-7 wt), Latvia (3-5 wt), Liechtenstein (2-3 wt), Latvia (3-5 wt), Lithuania (4-6 wt), Malta (4-6 wt), Monaco (3-4 wt), Norway (4-5 wt), Poland (2-3 wt), Portugal (4-5 wt), Romania (6-8 wt), San Marino (5-8 wt), Serbia (5-8 wt), Sweden (3 wt), Switzerland (2 wt), Slovakia (3 wt), Slovenia (3 wt), Spain (4-5 wt), Hungary (4 wt), Vatican (5-7 wt), Cyprus (3-5 wt)
Legend: e.g: Andorra (3-5 wt) means: Delivery country Andorra has a delivery time of 3-5 working days.
0-2 Kg: 11.49 EUR
2-4 Kg: 12.49 EUR
4-6 Kg: 13.49 EUR
6-9 Kg: 15.49 EUR
9-30 Kg: 19.49 EUR


DHL Paketversand

DHL Paketversand Absinth

Shipping via DHL, delivery time 1-3 working days

0-3 Kg: 6.25 EUR
3-5 Kg: 7.00 EUR
5-10 Kg: 9.60 EUR
10-31 Kg: 10.25 EUR


Shipping via DHL, delivery time 2-4 working days

0-5 Kg: 8.75 EUR
5-10 Kg: 10.85 EUR
10-15 Kg: 12.25 EUR
15-20 Kg: 14.25 EUR
20-31 Kg: 16.25 EUR

Czech Republic

Ceska Posta

Ceska Posta - Partner Absinth-Oase

Shipping via Ceska Posta, delivery time 2-4 working days

0-30 Kg: 5.00 EUR and from 100 EUR value of goods free delivery

Do Ceska nabizime velmi levnou moznost s ceskou postou a od 100 EUR posta zdarma

Delivery by email

With our email dispatch we dispatch for example: Vouchers, which you can then also forward as a gift by email. This service is valid for all countries and is of course only 0.00 €.

If you order several articles from us in the context of an order, for which different delivery times apply, we dispatch the goods depending upon availability in several partial shipments, for which, the delivery times indicated with the respective article, apply. There are no additional shipping costs.

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