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Payment methods at

Here you can find all payment methods at If there are fees for some payment methods, they are listed here explicitly.

Prepayment by bank transfer

The order will be dispatched after receipt of the invoice amount on our account.

cash on delivery

Pay the invoice comfortably with receipt of the commodity by cash on delivery with your parcel carrier. From 01.03.2018 no additional fees will be charged by DHL, so that the flat fee represents the complete COD fee. We only offer this method of payment within Germany.

Flat fee: 9,65 €


Sofortüberweisung is the TÜV-certified, insured payment service of Payment Network AG. If you pay with Sofortüberweisung, stock goods can be shipped immediately.

credit card

Fast and secure payment with Visacard or Mastercard.

Why we do not offer Paypal

Customer inquiry:

Hello Absinthe-Dealer Team, Hello Mr. Hosse

Received your newsletter a few days ago regarding the change of payment methods and was honestly a little sad about the abolition of the direct debit.... Can understand their motives only too well. What I can't understand, however, is that she now offers the service of Sofortüberweisung. Although this company is trustworthy, it is certainly not an ideal replacement due to its low profile. On the other hand I would welcome it as a customer with you with Paypal to be able to pay. The big advantage of Paypal lies in the high customer confidence, faster and cleaner processing, comfort and undoubtedly the now already large degree of distribution, since it is in many other online shops already recognized means of payment.

In the hope of a soon alternative payment method =)

Our answer:

My opinion:
Paypal is an American, dubious, in our eyes ...-company

We were at Paypal, had accumulated a larger amount on the Paypal account and then that came:

We got a dubious email in English, although we had a German Paypal account with about the following wording:

Your Paypal account was blocked because you sell illegal drugs like Absinthe according to USA law (Absinthe is forbidden in USA...).

Your account was therefore frozen for the next 6 months, in order to examine the procedures more exactly...

A call with Paypal, whether they still have all cups in the cupboard... Answer: You can try it with pleasure against our approx. 20 lawyers...

And this, although we only sold Absinthe within Europe, which was paid with Paypal...

Now it comes out more and more that there are company bankruptcies, which are caused by Paypal in Germany, because accounts with 60,000 EUR are simply frozen overnight, because the owners have similar names to USA known terrorists... That's really enough here.

Furthermore Paypal is much too expensive and I could not offer the Absinthe to you so cheaply, if Paypal would pay with ...

Paypal was introduced in USA, because there is actually no functioning payment system, as with us e.g. accounts...

In the USA, people don't get their wages transferred to an account, but actually get a paycheck pressed into their hands...

It is/was forbidden to transfer money from one American state to another. That's why credit cards were created there...

Furthermore we sell Cuban rum and that is forbidden according to Paypal 2016 to let Cuban products pay with Paypal:

See here how to deal with companies that have done this:

MfG Ulrich Hosse,

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