Absinthe Suicide Super Strong new

Absinthe Suicide Super Strong new

Absinthe Suicide Super Strong new

0,5 l - 79,9% vol. alc

The Absinthe Suicide Super Strong new is produced by the Czech spirits producer Hill`s Liquere s.r.o.. According to the producer this strong Absinthe has a maximum content of 35 mg/Kg Thujon and furthermore it is very strong with 79,9% vol. alc. Allegedly only natural ingredients are used and a total of 8 herbs are used. The green colour should therefore be achieved without artificial additives. Nevertheless, this is not a distillate, but a macerate and also here applies: Better well macerated, than badly distilled. The taste is strongly tart and should be prepared due to the fire ritual, because the anise content is deliberately kept very low here. 1-2 sugar cubes can also improve the taste. The hit here is of course the presentation: Absinthe Suicide Super Strong new comes in porcelain-like skull bottles, which are also elaborately painted with artistic shades. This is the right Absinthe not only for Halloween, because you can use it to frighten your friends and acquaintances in a sophisticated way. The product card is then attached to the neck of the bottle with a genuine leather strap.

EU Lebensmittel Informations-Verordnung 1169/2011
Bezeichnung der Spirituose: Spirituose mit Farbstoff
Alkoholgehalt in Volumenprozent: 79,9
Nettofüllmenge in Litern: 0,5
Name und Adresse des Herstellers / Importeurs: Euphoria Trade s.r.o., Klimentska 1216/46, 11000 Praha, Tschechische Republik
Ursprungsland: Tschechien
Enthält Farbstoffe: Ja

Product ID: 1749

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net content: 0,5 l
77.98 EUR per 1 l
Shipping Weight: 1.65 kg

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