Reality Absinthe 55

0.7 l - 55% vol. alc.

Reality Absinthe 55 was actually developed for the Japanese market and is now available at the Absinthe Dealer.

It differs from the normal Bairnsfather Absinthe if, then only marginally. Not to be confused with the Reality Absinthe with 60% vol. alc.

Very balanced Absinthe, whose taste is determined by a superficial herbal note. The anise content, which is annoying for many Absinthe connoisseurs, was also kept very low here according to good Czech tradition, but also not completely neglected. This is why this Absinthe is slightly opalised together with very cold water or ice cubes. It also contains fennel, coriander and other selected herbs and spices.

During production, great care was taken to use only natural ingredients. There are no chemical additives here! e.g.: E...

The manufacturer guarantees a thujone content between 8 and 10 mg/kg.

Available here in the 0.7 l bottle.

Unfortunately no longer available!

EU Food Information Regulation 1169/2011
Description of the spirit drink: Spirit
Alcohol content by volume: 55
Net quantity in litres: 0,7
Name and address of the manufacturer / importer: Bairnsfather Family Distillery s.r.o., Domasov 490, 79085 Bela pod Pradedem, Czech Republic
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Contains dyes: None

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